Monday, February 16, 2009

Making the Bang Jump

I decided to do it. I cut my bangs. I am trying to grow my hair out and while it's in an awkward stage I thought I may be able to mask it a bit by cutting my bangs, something I haven't done since middle school. I was right too, a few snips by my hairdresser and it completely changed to look of my hair. Plus it made me feel better about they way it looks and gives me something to play with while I wait ( not so patiently) for the rest of it to keep growing. I tried to take a picture, and my old mirror showed all of it's faults once the flash went off. I couldn't help but to love the effect however so I decided to use the photo even still. The mirror was actually my Great Grandmothers and has endured much wear and tear through the generations, evident through the lens of my camera.

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