Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink Scarf

Today was a day of remembrance. It was the anniversary of Johnny's mothers passing, and also the day of the wake for a friend's grandmother. I couldn't help but to wear an outfit that would reflect the mood of the entire day. I wanted to add some color and my pink birthday scarf seemed like the perfect fit. Just as I was getting my favorite patent leather black shoes out, I stopped and decided to reach for my polka dot white and black shoes. I don't have a good close up of this pair but they are polka dotted in the front and the dots slowly become smaller and less frequent fading completely by the back of the shoe. Another great $10 Payless find ages ago. Plus the heel isn't too high and ticker which makes them extremely comfortable, perfect for long lines at funeral homes. In the end the weather prevented me from being able to attend the services, but the ensemble helped me mentally reflect on the day's meaning, with a little polka dot thrown in.

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