Friday, February 20, 2009

Goose Feather Vest

This weekend will be crazy. We're throwing my sister a baby shower tomorrow. She is pregnant and a deployed Marine in Japan, so she won't be attending the shower, but we still think it's important to get all of our family and friend's together to celebrate for her and to show her support. It has been quite interesting planning a party when the guest of honor will not be showing up, and it has caused us to get very creative with the game selection. We've decided to go much less baby, and more adult appropriate since there will be no pregnant ladies in attendance, so we're going with an adult Japanese Tea Party theme. I have to be honest, I will be glad when it's over. It has been a lot of planning and preparing and tonight will be no exception. My sister and I have a pedicure appointment and than it's right to making lasagnas and cupcakes, centerpieces and favors, game planning and diaper cakes and up early tomorrow for table setting and decorating. Tom morrow night is my roommates birthday party so our house will be full by 10 and than off to the local bars. Sunday some friends are having an adult dress-up Oscar party and with my tax appointment Sunday morning, this weekend will be non stop. I was ready for a dressed down day at work today, especially with so many errands to run as soon as I punch out. in all actuality, jeans, sneaks, t-shirt and vest is the common attire around here. We work in a plant and most of the staff come in comfortable clothes that allow them to work easily. I take advantage of working in the office and come in as dressed up as I can. Driving into work today I couldn't help but feel like a bit of a bum, funny when you consider that I was wearing the same outfit as my boss, but in a slightly smaller size. I'm glad I went with a warm sweater and comfy shoes. My head is running so fast tonight planning shopping lists and craft projects that I needed an outfit that could keep up today. This weekend promises to bring tons of wardrobe selections, and even more photos. It's funny to think that Tuesday will be my next relaxing day, with two tests waiting for me first thing after work on Monday, but for the first time in a long time, I just can't wait to get to the middle of next week. For now I'll plan and host a Tea Party and enjoy some much needed time with friends.

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JGeb said...

I love this super-casual look. You look cozy and comfy!

As far as the boots I just bought, I haven't really decided what to pair them with yet besides skinny jeans. They'll be perfect for floral dresses sans tights to transition into spring, and then again in the fall with some tights. Experiment with your pair some more! You'll see that they're more versatile than you first thought.