Friday, February 20, 2009

Black and Blue Polka Dots

I just couldn't help but to jump on the family color challenge, especially this week. With so much going on it was nice to not have to spend too much time worrying what to wear each day, since I had given myself guidelines. Blue and Purple, honestly are colors I would never put together intentionally, which is rather funny when you consider just how well they go together. This cardigan I got at Target on clearance a number of months ago has quickly become a favorite of mine and I'll always look for a good reason to wear it. Likewise these flats are one of my favorite pairs. Royal Purple has gotten my attention lately, mostly with the purchase of this great necklace.

I apologize for the crappy close-up. Again, I'm still working on my self photographing skills. I fell in love with a company called Lia Sophia this past summer. My roommate and I attended a jewelry party and next thing I knew we were hosting one of our own, and I attended 3 more hosted by various friends. It's all costume jewelry but it is all so well made. I've never been much of a jewelry wear-er which is why at first I wasn't going to attend the first lia sophia party. I soon fell in love however. Their pieces are absolutely wearable and made for the average women. Their brackets are largely stretchy which is perfect for my tiny wrists. I now have more jewelry than I have room for, and enjoy getting to pick out different accessories every day. I would recommend the company to any girl. The prices are just so reasonable, especially for the quality of the products. Plus as long as you have the receipt they all come with a life-time warranty. When one of my bracelets snapped sending pretty turquoise beads all over the floor I carefully picked them all up, and sent them in. I'm still waiting for my replacement but I have total faith that it will be coming soon. The necklace I wore today is one of my favorites called, " Empress". It was a special they ran for the winter season and the proceeds of the necklace went to an organization that helps provide clothes for battered women who are attending their first interviews. Every women needs to look their best to feel their best and every time I wear my necklace I can't help but think that I may have somehow helped to get a women back on her feet, plus I feel like such an empress myself.

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