Monday, February 16, 2009

Heart shaped vest

Johnny and I had made some pretty clear rules for Valentines day, no gifts. We are considering taking a vacation together this summer to somewhere nice, with a beach so it made perfect sense that we would not exchange any gifts for Valentine's day, or our 2 year anniversary which comes up at the end of March in turn saving that money for vacation. Of course, I didn't want to let the day pass with nothing to give him. Especially when I considered how much money he would be spending on cooking us dinner for the romantic holiday. I consider myself pretty creative , a trait I get from my mother, so I knew that with a bit of time to think on it I could come up with something cute and cheap. Thus.. my love letters. I did some online searching and found some great famous love letters. Most of them weren't relevant to JT and I but I didn't manage to find about 5 lines that I loved. I printed them out on regular computer paper and added a fancy border and some clip-art hearts. One love line per paper. Than, I did a little clip art work on Microsoft Word and printed some great patterns. In fact I simple looked up, patterns in clip-arts search option and found some awesome prints. I expanded them to fill the whole page and got to printing. From there I took a template that I had found online, (it looked much like a lower case t). I did a little cutting, folding a gluing and with-in 15 minutes had completed 6 really great looking envelopes. I folded the letters and put one in each envelope and sealed the envelopes with a sticker of a candy heart. I wrote a little letter myself which was placed in the last envelope. Friday morning, before work I placed the envelopes all around the house. One by his wallet, one on the stove, one on his windshield ect. By 10 he had called to tell me how much it meant to him. That was what I was of course going for, but it didn't hurt that the entire project was free! And being homemade always seems to bring something a little extra to a romantic attempt. I loved the envelopes so much and am already thinking of other ways in which I can use them. Maybe making fabric envelopes for wedding shower invitations, or just to have on hand. What a great touch they would bring to an otherwise basic birthday card. My intention was to do something sweet for the love of my life, it just so happened that in the meantime I enjoyed a simple project that I will be adding to my Martha Stewart bag of tricks!

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