Monday, February 16, 2009

Green heels with a yellow shirted pop

Please don't make me explain the horrible photo. The explanation is given in the post below. Even still, I was so excited to bring this dress out of the closet, and with a green shirt underneath to tie in the shoes and a yellow touch, I was able to wear my new shoes with some brown tights ( I really am trying to jump into the world of tights head-first). The outfit ended up being perfect for church and it got a ton of compliments. My long legs often make longer dresses look so much shorter, this being a great example. The dress hangs far from my crotch ( sorry for being frank) but with my knees so far from my behind, skirts and dresses instantly look much tinier making it sometimes hard to dress for conservative occasions, like church every Sunday. The tights however suddenly brought the illusion of my legs being much less exposed making the entire outfit perfect. Plus I got to wear my new shoes and I am always looking for an excuse for a great new shoe day.

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