Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Shoes

After a crazy Saturday morning with the Shower, I was really looking forward to a night out with my friends. Cassie's birthday was Wed so we had a bunch of our friends meet at our house and than head downtown. I haven't been out in awhile and was looking forward to getting dressed, but after such a crazy Friday night, sleeping on a couch Friday and than being up and busy all morning I wasn't looking forward to having to put much effort into my final outfit. I decided these shoes would be perfect for the occassion. A little punch and perfect with my dark Seven Jeans, and a great black shirt and it's instantly dressed up. I haven't gotten a chance to utilize my red clutch wallet since it came in. It is a bit small so I have to pick and choose when I use it. I had just enough room for my ID and my one house key, but with Johnny wearing jeans with big pockets, I didn't need to carry much else.
These shoes were a great $5 find at Charlotter Russe, and Johnny's sister ending up getting them for me when I proptly pulled out my credit card, while she was in the middle of ringing up a much pricier sale at the same store. What's $5 between sisters-in-law-kinda-ish anyways right? So in turn, the shoes were a gift, and one that I charish. I can't wait to find the perfect $5 to return the favor to her.

It was great to be together with all of my longest girlfriends and their significant others. Plus with a few other friends thrown in the mix, it was a perfectly wonderful rare occassion.

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