Friday, January 06, 2012

2012 Photographic Goal

2011 Photo Wrap Up 6

My second goal for 2012, is to continue to improve my photography. When Johnny got me my Nikon D5000 for Christmas in 2010, I'm not sure even he knew what an extension of my arms that camera would become. 

2011 Photo Wrap Up 1

I loved having my camera with me this year. It was great to be able to ease myself into seeing the world through the viewfinder. I spent time finding new ways of looking at life's moments, and capturing them all on 'film'. 

Now after a year of trial and error I'm ready to jump into the photographic waters cannon ball style. I've studied my SLR books cover to cover, I've downloaded some new E-books and I've got my  Digital Photography School articles coming each week. Using my camera's automatic mode just isn't going to cut it for 2012.

To start the year off right I joined in two photo challenges, the first using my Nikon DSLR hosted by a local photographer in my area. Each week through-out 2012 she'll post a challenge and I'll share my photographic results on my flickr page. I also joined a less formal photo a day challenge on Instagram. My itouch may not have the same megapixels as my SLR, but I'm excited to push my ideas for each day's challenge through-out January. 

2011 Photo Wrap Up 4

I'm not sure where my images will take me, or how long this 'hobby' will last. What I do know is that me and my camera are ready to take on the world in 2012, one photo at a time. 

2011 Photo Wrap Up 5

* All photos taken in 2011 except for the first *


Heather said...

So exciting! You will see improvement doing the photo challenges! I loved taking a photography class and the instructor telling us to specifically capture certain images and then trying to get that each week.
And you will have even more fun with a new lens! :)

blue roses said...

my man is a photographer and a filmmaker, and i would also like to enhance my own skills this year and maybe purchase a fancy camera too!

keep it up!

Megan Joy said...

I would also like to work on my photography this year. Cheers!
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