Monday, November 21, 2011

Roaring 20s Party Photobooth

Party Photobooth: Roaring 20s

I decided that my Roaring 20's birthday party this past weekend would be the perfect setting to create a photo booth. I always love going to parties that include photo magnets as favors, and think that 'smile booths' are a such a great idea! Instead of spending the money to bring in professionals, I decided to bring my Nikon SLR, my tripod and to take over a section of the room as our official Photo Booth area. From there it was as simple as clicking the button, and occasionally setting up the self timer so I could join in the fun! ( I take all my own blog photos, so I'm an expert with the self timing function!)

Party Photobooth: Roaring 20s

Party Photobooth: Roaring 20s

We had so much fun with the images! The best part of using your own equipment, and hosting the 'photo booth' yourself, is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want! We left it up all night and spent the whole evening running in and out of the corner and fighting over who was going to be in the frame next. Once I got home ( and slept off that whole bottle of birthday champagne!) I edited the photos using iphoto. Besides some occasional cropping and lighting touch-ups I added an antique filter and the vignette frame to each image. I love the results! We didn't have to spend any money for a photographer, and now we all have great images to remember the evening by. Even better, was the photo booth became a party activity helping to keep us entertained all evening! I have a feeling that my camera and tripod will now be joining us for all future parties!


LyddieGal said...

what a great birthday part theme, and i love that you just decided to do a diy photo booth -- the digital ones you can rent are terrible anyway.

Everyone looks like they had so much fun with it!

Chic on the Cheap

Kayla said...

Thanks! We had so much fun. I love themed parties!