Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Great Coat Cover Up

Coat Cover Up

I have a hard time deciding if I have a favorite season. There are so many things I can find to love about each season. As soon as coat weather hits, the excitement surrounding my favorite parts of End of Fall/Winter Season starts. It's officially Coat Cover Up time.

There are many locations which open up their Coat Checks during the winter season, but there are still so many instances in which I know I should just plan on wearing my coat the whole time I'm there. In waiting rooms, at stores, even occasionally at bar's, it will just be easier to wear my coat than to lug it around all day.

Coat Cover Up

I understand why some people see this as being 'inconvenient', but I however see this instead as an opportunity. Knowing that I can go an entire day without having to take my coat off means that I can opt for extreme comfort under the coat, and no-one needs to know. Especially with a top layer like my Vintage Trench from Etsy a few years ago, I could wear essentially my birthday suit underneath and none would be the wiser. Instead of course I'll just throw on some of my favorite skinnies and a practical top. Really though cold weather is the perfect excuse to take advantage of a great extra layer, and being able to wear pjs to work is a cause I can get behind.

Coat Cover Up

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LyddieGal said...

So true - I love having lots of different coats to choose from during the cooler months so I always have a fresh look!

Your trench is definitely a beauty!