Thursday, October 27, 2011

Musical Coffee ( or Tea) Break

There is nothing that I love better than a great song. I tend to be an equal opportunity listener and enjoy a wide variety of music, but what I'm most drawn to is anything that I can tap my feet to and most importantly sing along with. On a busy day like today, I like to take a few moments with some great songs to unwind and catch my breath.

Let me be the first to introduce you to the amazingly talented Chris Dukes Band. Their lyrics are amazing, their songs are catchy and they are all pretty easy on the eyes ( never a bad thing!). They are a band based locally in Albany, and not only are they great musicians but also fantastic friends. These guys are great musicians, and I'm not just saying that because I happen to be one of their biggest fans.

Chris Dukes Band
Chris Dukes Band
( I am a total Woo-hoo girl. A totally annoying Woo-hoo girl! )

The band is currently in a contest to see just how strong their fan base is! The more fans they can add between now and Nov. 30, the better their chances become to record a 3 song EP with 6 time Grammy award winning producer John Shanks. It's a great opportunity for the guys ( and Mel!) and their families but forget about the contest, they are just some great musicians that everyone should hear. So brew your cup of coffee, hit play and enjoy a bit music before you get back to this hectic day!

Check out their myspace page
Find them on Twitter @chrisdukes

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