Thursday, October 06, 2011

Detox Temptation #1

I know it's only been a few weeks, but so far participating in the 100 days with no shopping hasn't left me jonsing too hard. That was of course before I found these lovelies...

( Payless Fall 2011 $49.99 )

To be clear, I had no interest in leopard boots but when I spotted these on the shelf at my local Payless, I was immediately smitten. Paired with cuffed jeans and a simple button down, these boots would be a super chic addition to my Fall and Winter wardrobe. Mark these down as Detox Temptation #1.

Payless FLat Boots

Not only are they carrying only the Leopard Boots, but they are also making the Boots in an amazing Floral pattern, this fantastic tan suede and a super cool black. I must admit, if I wasn't sticking true to the Shopping Ban, I may just scoop these boots up in every color. What a fantastic option these would make in a closet! I suppose I'll wait for Christmas and hope that these boots are still in stock, and marked down by than ( or possibly a birthday gift from Johnny perhaps?) You however should scoop these lovelies up!

available in Black, Tan, Floral and Leopard

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Ki said...

The floral ones are so unique!