Monday, October 24, 2011

Closet Transition for the Seasons

I've been blogging for 3 years, so I figure it's about time I did my first video post! My favorite time of the year is when I get to transition my closet for the changing seasons, and it is officially that time again. I thought I would do a video post talking about just what goes into getting my closet organized for the winter. Whenever I meet people from other states, they comment on how 'thick my Northern Accent' is, so I'm curious to hear what you think! Does my voice sound like what you thought it would?

Closet Transition Before
Closet Transition Middle
Closet Transition After
(* I obviously hit a little bump in the middle of the organization, but everything is now back to hanging and in working order! *)

The biggest key to this transition was how much inspiration I was able to get from my clothes as I took everything out and re-organized it. Since I'm reaching the middle of my 100 day detox, I could use all the Inspiration I've got to keep from spending! Now I've got lots of outfit ideas running through my head!

There are 3 phases to my Seasonal Closet Transition:
1. A full closet re-organization, which includes taking out all of my tops, and putting them all back in , in better working order.
2. Bringing out all of my winter shoes, and storing away all of my summer sandals, peep toe heels and beach shoes.
3. Prepping my coats! All of my coats get hung, and are stuffed with gloves in every pocket, ready for the upcoming snow.

I have found that it's always better to take a few days and do a full preparation for the season, instead of being unprepared if the weather makes a sudden change. Do you change your closet with the seasons? What are some of your favorite tips for changing your closet to match the seasons?


Pamela said...

I just love your video!!! I do my closet re-org very similar to you. But I have no patience and bought the bulk of my velvet no slip hangers almost immediately! They make such a huge difference.

I can't imagine what my closet would look like it if were huge and I didn't need to overhaul it twice a year! I'd probably have so much stuff I never wore!

Lisa said...

I don't do a complete swap out because here in California the seasons are not that drastic. I do put my heavier sweaters away in Spring and bring them back out in late November. I don't put much of my summer clothes away because I use them in laying with my winter clothes. Of course that creates a space issue.
Love your tips. Thanks for sharing.