Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fields of Green

Fields of Green

The transitions of seasons is so hard to comprehend now that I'm not longer a student. This is only my second fall of not being in school, and yet it's been long enough to miss the routine.

Fields of Green

There used to be nothing better than the week before school started. My mom would help us separate all of our new supplies and pick out our outfit for the first day. There was something so special about a chilly morning and a new pair of shoes. Once I got to college, I took advantage of the new school supplies and let fall become my re-organizing time of year. With a fresh calendar ready to be filled, it was the perfect time to set new schedules and make lists. With no reason to buy supplies this year however, I'm feeling free.

Fields of Green

Well free, and a bit behind. I think maybe I'm still in denial about it being fall. Sure in the morning's it's chilly enough for my to grab a sweater on my way out the door, but by lunch time it's back to being hot again, the windows are opened and we are all still pretending it's just a cool summer day. I know there are only a few weeks left of warm weather, so I've got to soak it up now.

Fields of Green

Not only do we have only a few weeks of warm weather left, but also a few weeks of green leaves. Secretly I've been looking around each day waiting to see the bright orange and reds. There is something so special about fall in the Northeast, and it's always been my favorite season. As soon as the leaves start to change I'll likely start to transition my closet into warmer items, I'll start the fall lists and find a new schedule to fill. I'm still a bit behind for now so a few more weeks of green are welcome but consider this your warning Fall, I'll be ready for you.

Fields of Green


Ki said...

I am starting school next month so I am very excited - I'm sure I will miss it once I am done! You look fabulous btw :) purple and green is a lovely combination!

Elisa Etheredge said...

Great skirt! I also love the accessories and shoes.

rebecca said...

Love these colors together. They feel so fallish!


Jess said...

Very cute! Love the deer necklace, so unique. :)

Kayla said...

Thanks so much! I know the leaves are still green, but that couldn't stop me from putting on the fall colors, and pulling out my fall deer necklace!

Tiffany said...

Oooh, I love these colors together!

Stacey Kay said...

This color combo is fabulous! Love that skirt.

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