Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 3: Mixing Patterns

Day 3: Mixing Patterns

I knew when I decided to join Kayla's 21 Day Challenge, that I wasn't just challenging myself to participate in dressing for specific tasks for the next few weeks, but also to blogging each day for the next few weeks. The truth is, life outside of blogging leaves me dressing for business meetings and traveling at least once a week, and I just haven't felt that many of those outfits were very blog worthy. Usually when I'm on the road, after a long day of travel and meetings I spend my nights at the hotel catching up on work emails and some much needed sleep. ( read: blogging, watching mindless televisions, taking up the whole bed and relishing in not straightening the sheets in the AM)

Day 3: Mixing Patterns

I knew that I wanted to keep my patterns a bit more subtle for my day of meetings. A part of my job is working as a consultant with other Salespeople, so I arrange a day or two of visits with a salesperson who arranges appointments for us to make while I am with them. My only point of contact prior to my trip is the salesperson so I never know just how many appointments we'll be making, or just where our appointments will be. I've mentioned before that my only requirement that I wear flat shoes that are close toe for my days out on the field, but there are a number of other tips that I have picked up as well. Whites and other light colors are an absolute no-no, and it's best to leave any bracelets or loose accessories at home. With no way of knowing what I'm getting myself into simple is always better.

Day 3: Mixing Patterns

I wouldn't normally consider this lace tank to be a pattern by itself, but when paired over a cami of a lighter color, I loved how bold the details in the lace become. When partnered with a bold floral skirt I've got myself a combination that I absolutely adored. This outfit had the simplicity that my job requires, but an extra bit of sass that the fashion diva in me just loves. It's a miracle was a little pattern mixing can do for a girl.

Day 3: Mixing Patterns


Anonymous said...

um yeah, this outfit is all around perfect! the shoes with the skirt (which is super cute) and the cami/lace combo is conservative and still hot.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh, I love everything going on here, it looks great! I really like the lace with floral. So feminine

kimmie said...

I love how the flats match the pattern in the skirt. pretty!

Kayla said...

Thanks Ladies! I do love this skirt :) And Kimmie, I originally bought these shoes because of how great you looked in your nude flats! Thanks for the inspiration!