Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Court Casual Cool

Casual Cool
Current Events are things I like to keep up with, in a casual sort of way so I'm often scanning the day's headlines online, and tune in to our local news stations on the radio during my drive home. Occasionally a story will catch my attention and I'll take the time to dig a little deeper, and will want to keep my ears open for more information. In 2008 the story of the Missing Caylee Anthony caught my attention harder then most. For some reason I got sucked into the details of the story and I watched with much of the nation as details surrounding the missing two year old continued to unravel. Now as Casey Anthony stands trial I am more than keeping my ears open. Somewhere between then and now I got myself completely caught up in the mystery that has surrounded this case.
Casual Cool
Between keeping updated through-out the day on trial details via the Orlando Sentenial and watching 'expert' opinions at night thanks to the various CNN shows, I am also enjoying as many discussions as I can about the topic. It seems I am not the only one caught up in the Casey Anthony trial. I do some traveling for work and after speaking to different people in three different states everyones opinions seem to be, she is guilty. Now the big question remains, with the jury agree with public opinion?
Casual Cool
In my non-trial updating time I've been enjoying a fantastic book by Jodi Piccoult called 'The Pact'. I have read a few of her books and am always a fan of her light legal plots sewn together with a great story line. In this book, two teens attempt suicide a-la Romeo and Juliet, except only one succeeds. Left alive, and without his love the teenage boy is charged with the murder of his girlfriend. I can't get enough of this book. Suddenly I am watching courtroom drama unfold on the television, and reading about fictional drama in court each night. Most summers I choose to read about girls and their summer flings and cute dresses. This summer apparently I have chosen to keep it a bit less casual and a bit more cool. Nothing like current events to keep one on their toes.
Casual Cool


Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

I love your bob!

two birds said...

my little sister is watching that trial every day! and jodi picoult is addictive! on a different note, love your skirt!