Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1 Pair: 2 Ways (Black and Cork Wedges)

Black and Cork Wedges

Black and Cork Wedges

Black and Cork Peep Toe Wedges
American Eagle for Payless
Purchased Spring 2011 for $2.60 ( Normally $24.99)

This past winter I also sorted through all of my summer shoes and cleared out house. I'm sad to say that my favorite summer teal wedges just didn't make it. I had purchased the wedges two summers ago on a whim, I wore them to the ground. I had replaced the insoles twice, and still those puppies held on. My Payless teal wedges matched with everything and they were comfortable. I had such a hard time letting them go, but they had a great life, and it was way past their time. So, I purchased what I thought would be the perfect, replacement, strappy summer heel. Unfortunately they arrived to my door step and just fit awkwardly. I was clearly in between sizes, so I knew my only option was to return my perfect summer shoe and continue to hunt. I headed into the store and figured I mind as well take a quick stroll through the aisles before I handed over the shoes. On the bottom row, in my size I saw an exact replica to my teal wedges but in black, and with an adorable little knot detail at the toe. I was almost turned off by the color. Apparently I was so in love with my teal shoes, that I couldn't figure out what I'd wear black shoes with! I couldn't pass up how comfortable my wedges had been, and how comfortable these new updated shoes would be as well. I happened to walk into the store while these shoes were on sale, and I always keep a Payless coupon handy ( just google, ' Payless coupon'. You can always find 20% off birthday coupons online that can be printed and are good in store!) With my return and coupon, these shoes came to $2.60 and now I have the perfect summer shoe. They can't replace my teal wedges, but they are a great update for this summer! I'm so tempted to go get more colors!

Black and Cork Wedges

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two birds said...

cute! these are a great and versatile summer shoe. i really like them in red and denim blue as well.