Friday, April 01, 2011

70's Winter Edition ( 1:2)

70's Winter Edition ( 1:2)
I would like it to be mentioned that these shoes are so cute without socks, but the weather man swore we were getting 14 inches of snow. I know it's April 1st and there was the potential that the whole thing was a prank, I also know that he is a weatherman and so we were already working with a 50% success rate, but I wasn't ready to take the risk. My tootsies were at stake.
70's Winter Edition ( 1:2)
So instead of taking any chance, I just threw on a pair of adorable red polka dot socks. It barely snowed ( wasn't a prank, make that a 49% success rate) but in the end I loved this outfit with socks. The shoes seemed to radiate a little brighter when matched with these socks. Maybe it's the polka dots. Everything just looks better when matched with polka dots doesn't it? I have owned these pants since I turned 14, reached the height of 5'7 and needed a pair of black pants for my band recital. I am not sure where we bought them, and I am still surprised that I didn't grow out of them after that concert. I tore through pants during school. I didn't learn to cuff my pants way back when because I thought Aubrey Hepburn was amazing. ( read: high waters) These are like magic traveling sister pants, and still manage to fit both my hips, and my height and somehow look great with heels. I slipped these on and thought, ' Oo the big flare on these makes these look so 70's. Now I can be right on trend'. I'm looking at these photos now and can't see a hint of 70's anywhere. Apparently my mirror has been taking lessons from our local weather man. Liar Liar Not-so-70's Pants on Fire.
70's Winter Edition

70's Winter Edition (1:2)

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ooh, SO gorgeous and my goodness those mary janes are just dreamy. And a big yes to all things looking more fabulous when polka dots are in the mix. Have a fantastic weekend. xx veronika