Friday, March 25, 2011

Secrets don't make Friends ( 1:2)

Secrets don't make Friends
A massive head cold moved in on me pretty fast the other day. I thought I could keep it a secret and fight through by stashing tissues in my purse and popping as many Tylenol cold pills as alloted in any given time period. I am apparently not a very good secret keeper as these pictures clearly show how I was feeling. If there is anything I have learned during my 2 years of blogging, it is that there are few things you can keep from the lens of a camera and as a result, there are very few secrets that you can keep from your blogging friends. With that being said, it is time for me to reveal another secret.. I lied to you last week, but it was completely an accident! Remember when I told you that I purchased 3 pairs of pants for $4 each? It was actually 4 pairs of pants bringing my grand total to $16. Apparently I was so excited about telling you about all of my brightly colored pant options that I completely forgot about this amazing brown pair. Phew. I am so glad I got that off of my chest.
Secret Friends
There is another thing I wanted to address, but not so much in a telling secrets sort of way, more in a good to know sort of way. Years ago, I wasn't much of a jewelery wear-er. Accessories just never were my thing. Even so, after attending a Lia Sophia party my roommate and I decided to host a party of our own. At the time we thought it would just be a neat way to get all of our girlfriends together and had no idea about the perks of hosting a party ourselves. The lady we hosted the party with was amazing, and helped to explain to both of us how to get the most out of our purchases. Long story short the party went better than planned, and in the end my roommate and I each had a very large credit we were able to use in exchange for free Lia Sophia merchandise! We were able to work it out in which half of our items were purchased and half of our items were credits. After our own party we attended 3 others, that were all booked during our party, and we received discounts at those parties as well. By the end of the summer I had a full collection of Lia Sophia jewels! Whenever I wear an item I purchased that summer here on the blog, I list it as being $20. In truth, some of the items cost me less, and some of them didn't cost me anything, but none of them cost me over $20 thanks to my various credits and discounts. I can't be sure which specific items I paid what amount for, so to be fair I always list them as $20, knowing that that is the maximum amount I could have paid for that item.
Secret Friends ( 1:2)
Remember what I said about Toe Cleavage in these shoes? So much cuter!

Wow I just dumped a lot of information on you. Oh wait. I cheated on a test once in Second Grade. I never got caught, but I felt so guilty at the last minute I changed the last answer on the test. I picked the wrong person to cheat off of and we both failed in the end anyways. Karma I suppose. Pants, Jewelry and Second Grade Tests, what more could there possibly be to say?
Secret Friends ( 1:2)

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I just stumbled upon your blog and you are so funny. I really enjoyed reading it. I cant believe those shoes are from payless they are so adorable.
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