Saturday, February 05, 2011

Prep School


We don't have to talk about the crazy amounts of snow we saw last week. So many bloggers have put together amazing posts full of beautiful pictures and thoughts about the wonder of snow. Most of my snow excitement wore off weeks ago and so despite the blizzard that seemed to find a nice home in our part of New York, we woke up to our alarms as usual, bundled up and headed out to face the 2 hours of traffic that would greet us on our slippery way to work. When it came to getting dressed to face the storm, I had to stick with my favorite go-to crappy weather friend, my Seven jeans. It is true that I have 2 pairs of these jeans, in 2 different washes, but after almost 4 years they both seem to have the same tone of blue now. After slipping those on I decided to use my co-workers as a bit of inspiration. I work in a largely male dominated industry, but am lucky enough to have bosses who seem to know a thing or two about dressing. Well they seem to know a thing or to about buying items from the J.Crew catalog, and putting their outfits together just as the models had, but I still often find it comforting to see what different pattern button-down and sweater combinations they come up with. The look is simple enough, and it allows for an extra layer, a double win on a snow day.


I figured that by wearing my brightest sweater, and adding my most colorful button-down I would bring a bit of cheer to our office on a gray day, and I would separate myself from the sea of similar dressed men in our morning meeting. Between my color pallet and my pearl necklace, no-one even seemed to noticed that I copied their style. Oh the advantages to working with males.

Picnik collage4

When I spotted this necklace on the Forever 21 website, I had to grab it up quick. Not only was it an amazing price at $1.50 ( did you see they added a whole new section of jewelery at the lower price point?) but it also will serve as a fantastic replacement to my current pearl necklace. I have worn my Maurice's necklace so often that it is starting to show it's wear. One to many times I have gotten my amazing accessory stuck on the corner of my desk as I am walking away, pulling it off my neck on to many occasions. My fancy with my replacement necklace only lasted a short while however. After only a few hours at the office I noticed that the bottom of this necklace was twisting. I may have spent just as much time pulling the pearls apart on this day as I had tugging to keep my sweater down. I couldn't help but to look around and wonder, how is my twisted necklace not bothering anyone else as well? Than I remembered that some of my male co-workers let the cords on their phones get so tangled they can't even get the phone to lift from the receiver. I remembered that as I helped to untangle a few phones between untangling my necklace. Okay, so there are some downsides to working with men as well.



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