Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She's The Man

The idea of menswear as a style has always been a bit confusing for me. As woman we spent years trying to fit for our right to vote, and to wear pants. Once wearing pants became common place, we as a society began to prefer the skirts and dresses of our female ancestors. We are now in this amazing place in American Society, where as females we can free to wear whatever tickles our fancy. Be that to look like our male counterparts, or to prance around town in the biggest skirts and highest heels. Most Men however have never fought for the right to wear skirts, or shoes with lifts. They have enjoyed a life in pants and button downs, and have left 'well enough alone.' I am not yet decided as to if men are missing out by not having a history of fighting for a great unifying cause. Johnny often complains of having little options as a man when it comes to dressing. He has never complained however of getting tears in his tights, and I have a feeling that that he secretly prefers the simple pants and shirt combination each day.

When the Oxford shoes swept across the bloggosphere, I was instantly smitten. I love the comfort the shoes seem to provide, and I love the look of the simple clean lines, but I was still on the fence as to the masculine hints the shoes provide. I decided to take my time searching for my perfect pair, and search and research I did. I started looking last summer, and it wasn't until June when I finally decided on a pair, my first from Kmart. The light brown color I had been seeking all season were sold out, and so I went with the black. The shoes arrived, and were completely perfect. They are masculine and strong from far away, but an up close look reveals lots of sweet little feminine details. Ruffled edges, and little indents at every seam.

To play up my strong foot ware option, I decided to put together two of my favorite charms. The little anchor I got at my local craft store for $2, and enjoy the little touch of Nautical influence. The Marine symbol was a gift from my sister for Christmas. Both my mother, and my other sister have the same one. My Father and Grandfather served in the Navy, and my Sister currently serves in the Marines. I love the idea of wearing these two symbols together, not only showing pride for my country, and the serviceman of my family, but also gathering a bit of the strength that each of them displayed in their service.

It may have taken years for woman to come to this place of options, and I am certainly thankful. It's nice to pull a little from here, and a little from there, all to create a great outfit, that makes you feel even better than it looks.

Shirt: OPI for Walmart $2.50
Skirt: Kohls $15
Belt: Came with Skirt
Shoes: Kmart $12 ' The She's the Man'
Necklace Charms: Marine Charm- Christmas gift
Anchor Charm- Micheal's $2
Watch: Fleamarket in Florida $6
Sunglasses: Street Vendor in Florida $10


Clare said...

I'm a HUGE fan of the oxford trend, and you wear them perfectly here!

Heather said...

Great look! I would totally wear that outfit.
Love the prices you paid for everything!

libys11 said...

your oxfords are great!!! love how it brings some androgyny to the outfit!! :D

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