Monday, June 21, 2010

Complicated Shoes

As I have been packing up my apartment, I am embracing the opportunity as a chance to do a but of serious purging. I'm excited to start the next phase of our lives in this new place, and I don't want to bring with us anything that will just serve as more clutter. Along with my throwing out of old magazines, donating too-big for me sweaters and shipping piles of blankets to my sister, it is time I address a complicated issue. Complicated Shoes. For the most part, if I don't wear a shoe after about 9 months it gets tossed. There are a few shoes however that have found a place nestled in the depths of my closet, because I just can't seem to get rid of these pairs. They have rarely seen the light of day because I have the worst time figuring out just how to wear them. I haven't been ready to part with them all until now however, with a little bit of your help. I want to wear each pair at least once this week, and will post the images here along with a poll to see just how all of you amazing readers feel about these complicated shoes. Feel free to start now and let me know what you think! To keep or not to keep, that is the question...

The Gym Short Shoes
Forever 21 January 2009
These shoes have never been worn outside of my house. Never. They have enjoyed a few trips around my house however as I wore them while I vacuumed to get some inspiration going. Inspiration never came. I stalked these shoes for a few weeks and once they went on Clearance, and there was only one pair left in my size, I knew it was time. I love these shoes. I adore the ever so tiny peep toe and amazing mesh material of the top part of this shoe. I think I was so excited to get them home, that I suddenly had new shoe stage fright. I was so afraid to not to justice to these shoes that I just never wore them out. I don't find them to be the most comfortable shoe, and I'm interested to see just what a full day in these puppies will be like.

The KayJay
Payless September 2009
I first saw these shoes on the Payless website, and on purpose. I was actually looking for a different shoe and saw the name of these shoes posted on the website, " The Kay Jay" ( not an original name this time). Those are both of my and Johnny's nicknames so I couldn't resist sending him a clip art image of these shoes and proclaiming that they were our shoes! I hated the picture however and had no intention of actually buying these shoes. That is until months later when I saw them sitting in the bottom corner of the rack, with a $5 clearance tag. A few strides up and down the aisle in these babies and I was hooked. I loved the color. Now however I feel like I'm always fighting with the chunky heel. These shoes made one trip outside of the house and it was to trivia, where I wore them with jeans. You could hardly see the shoe. It was a total Cop-out. No co-out this time. It will be an honest to Gosh wear out in the world.

The Carrie Bradshaw March 2009
When my tax return came in over a year ago, I decided to treat myself to some new shoes and headed over to, which boasts an amazing shoe selection. I fell head over heels in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them on my screen. They are an amazing knock-off ( and I am using those words intentionally) of a Versace shoe that Carrie Bradshaw wore in the first Sex and the City movie. She wore those shoes with almost every outfit and I was sure that I would do the same. I am a bit disappointed in these shoes as the side straps are looser than I would like, which gives the shoes the look of always being too big for me when I walk. These shoes wandered past my bedroom walls once, and on the feet of a good friend. These shoes looked amazing on her. If they don't look equally as amazing on me they just may be making their way back to her feet soon.

The Trendy 300
Walmart Summer 2009
I try to avoid trends at all costs. It's not actually because I'm against them, but usually because I can't afford their price tags for one season worth of wear! When the gladiator sandals flew onto the feet of every celebrity last year however, I started to wonder if this trend is here to stay. When I saw these for $5 at Walmart last year I decided that it was a cheap way to see just how I felt about this style on me. I'm still not sure. Another good friend has this same pair of shoes, and to this day she only wears these with Jeans, for the same reason I have. My sister however has these same shoes as well, and wears them every week. They look amazing on her, I just can't seem to be as comfortable in my pair as she is in hers.

The Pirates Booty March 2009
When I made my tax season purchase of the Carrie Bradshaw shoes, I also purchased this pair of Suede peep toe booties. The style was just coming in and I was excited to give these shoes a run. I love the look of the shoe, but on their first wear out I went home with blisters on my third toe. The peep is almost too big leaving these shoes will less of a peep of toe and more of an introduction to all 3 of my first toes, and inevitably their blisters. I still love these shoes and haven't been able to part with them though I never choose to wear them because I am sure I will end up with the same pain. I'm not even sure how I'll work these shoes into an outfit this week. Maybe I should save them for the fall season and than re-evaluate?
Do you have Complicated Shoes? How do you decided what to keep and what to get rid of?

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Pamela said...

I have the Kay Jay shoes in blue and love them, but haven't worn them too often, myself! I wanted to wear them with skirts and tights in fall and never did.

My motto with shoes is when one comes in, one must go out. Simply bc of lack of storage in my shoe "room" (back unfinished porch). I have plastic containers and they are on shelves. If there isn't an empty container, a pair of shoes must be purged. Sometimes I cheat and put two pairs in one though ;)