Friday, May 07, 2010

The Wonder of the Wedges

About two years ago, I started my anti-wedge campaign. It wasn't a campaign as much as it was me announcing, that I simply do not like Wedges. They are impossible to walk in, and I don't need to be higher off of the ground, I'm already tall enough to be in the Tall People of America Club. ( True Story- You have to be 5'7 for Woman and 6'0 for Men.) Somewhere along the way, one innocent pair snuck into my collection, and I was so smitten. Shoes are often like art. When you first look at a piece of art, you may feel a bit confused. The longer you stare at the canvas however, the longer you begin to appreciate the details. The image becomes clear and soon you may find yourself announcing, "I get it and I love it". That's me with Wedges. Somewhere along the way I must have declared " I get it and I love it", but not loud enough for even me to hear. When pulling out my Summer shoes I discovered that someone snuck in not 1, not even 5 but 8 pairs of wedges into my Shoe Collection! Thank you to this mystery elf, and to art for teaching me how to be a better Shoe Appreciator.

Say hello, to my 8 Lovely Pairs of Wedges:

The Warrior Princess
Cynthia Vincent for Target
Spring 2010

I just couldn't get on the gladiator trend train, but much like with the idea of wedges, the longer this trend stuck around the more willing I became to give them a go. When I first spotted these shoes on a few of my favorite bloggers I decided it was time to stop at my Local Target and see what all the fuss was about. $30 is more than I prefer to spend on shoes, in fact I hardly venture past the $25 mark, and even that is a bit high for my wallet. It doesn't hurt to look however, and soon after slipping these shoes on in the store I was dancing up and down the aisles.

Xena would wear these shoes. In fact I'm sure Xena probably had a pair for her fancy fights. Even as I put these shoes on I can't help but to feel as if I could save the town, take down all the bad men, and make all the ladies swoon over my height and my attractive shoes. The Warrior Princess embraces the power of the shoes, and saves the world again.

The Sadie Hawkins Dance
Mossimo by Target
Spring 2010

My high school never had Sadie Hawkins Dances. When we asked a teacher about it one year, she announced that those were a Southern Tradition. Since when is it only a Southern Tradition to declare your affection for a boy and guilt them into spending hours following you around and dancing with enough room for God in between you? As an adult, I see that life is one giant Sadie Hawkins Dance. Johnny is always being dragged to various functions, to church gatherings and to weddings, except God has told us that he doesn't need to take up all that room between our torso's. It's a shame too, because the best part about dancing in separate spaces was that there was little chance for shoe crushing, and the fastest way to ruin a great pair of shoes is to have a clumsy boy step on them. These shoes have decided to attend the Sadie Hawkins Dance solo.

The Sunday Brunch
American Eagle for Payless
Spring 2009

These shoes were the first major jump into the world of wedges that I made ( silly elves made me do it). I had stopped by Payless to pick up a pair of sandals, and was caught by the BOGO sale going on. I decided to try on everything they had in my size and found these shoes to be amazingly comfortable. They were easy to walk in, which has always been a problem with me and wedges. I loved the cork heel, and the teal and decided to just make the purchase. Last summer I found myself wearing these up to 3x a week. The insides of these shoes is slowly fading, but nothing that a good insert shouldn't be able to fix. With the success with this purchase I couldn't help but to try on and eventually purchase more wedges just like these. These shoes offer the perfect opportunity to stay conservative in the summer sun. On weekend's I like to keep my look simple and these shoes are the best option. For breakfast I would like over easy eggs, toast, 2 strips of bacon and my teal wedges please. Oh and can I get the wedges on the side??

The North Carolina ( Brown )
The South Carolina ( Pink )
Montego Bay Club for Payless
NC- Summer 2009
SC- Spring 2009
NC- $5
SC- $10

When I first spotted the Pink version of this shoe on the rack, I couldn't help but to slip them on. They were an amazing color, and a height I wasn't scared to walk in. After scoring them for a sweet $10, I was excited to premier them at a friends Wedding Shower. The height became much scarier once I got out of the car and realized that I couldn't make the walk across the parking lot and into the restaurant very easily. In fact I had to walk slow, taking one step at a time. Eventually I made it in, and spent the afternoon smiling, and hoping they didn't ask me to leave my seat. 3 months after purchasing these, I was a pro at walking. With a little practice these shoes almost never left my feet. When I spotted the Brown pair on Clearance in August, I had to grab them. A darker version was a great option for more demure events, and were a great addition to my ever growing wedge collection.

Being from New York, meant our special vacations included a drive down the coast to Florida. My mother would always make an announcement every time we would pass a state border, and I would spend the next few hours trying to take in everything that state had to offer, from the highway anyways. The ' North Carolina' announcement meant we were close, but not yet close enough. It was a boring drive complete with lots of trees and stretches of road. The ' South Carolina' announcement meant that we were even closer. The number of trees didn't change much, but the amount of signs declaring miles to the beach doubled. A state full of beaches! South Carolina was clearly the more fun of the two states, and these shoes are clearly the party animal of the two.

The Hannah Montana
Summer 2004

I was just figuring out my own sense of style, and doing so with my own paychecks. My shoe collection at that point included about 6 pairs, 2 of which were sneakers, and 3 that were flip flops. The extra was the ever necessary pair of dress shoes. When I spotted these on clearance at Walmart, I was a little apprehensive. Glitter Stars? Dark Blue Denim? Wedge? The $8 sales tag however was a great way to spend my hard earned money, and the shoes seemed like something I could maybe make work. I wore these shoes all of one time for the next 2 years. I could feel every one's eyes on me, staring at the glitter stars and wondering if I was off of my rocker. Oh if those people could see me now. When I re-discovered these shoes a year or so ago, I couldn't help but feel like I was doing some Hannah Montana Style supporting. Everything that her name goes on is covered in glitter, blonde wigs, and rock star-stars. I was hopeful I could get away with this style even still, until a small child stopped me in the grocery store to tell me that she loved my shoes. Adult fail.

The Marsha Brady
Charlotte Russe
Spring 2010

I can never help stopping by Charlotte Russe to check out their shoe selection. They often run great Shoe Sales, and with a collection like mine, and a budget like mine, Great sales are the only way to go. When I saw these on the Clearance Shelf I felt myself swoon a bit. Wood looking Wedge Heels? Dark Maroon Fabric? I will take these in a size 9 please and Thank You. These shoes have a slight 70's vibe, that I just can't help but to embrace. Much like the Hannah Montana Wedge, I can feel the world looking at me when I walk down the street in these shoes. The world is judging me and they are shouting, " Marsha Marsha Marsha!". Poor Jane, how hard it must be to feel as if you are always in the shadow of a taller, longer, better looking sister. How hard for the other shoes in my closet. They will never be as bold, or as fake wood as my beautiful 70's wedges. Oh Marsha, You really are the best of the bunch.

The Roller Derby Chick
Alice and Olivia for Payless
Winter 2010

I appreciate the Alice and Olivia line for payless because of their unique approach to these lower pricing shoes, but I always find their shoes just a little too far outside of my comfort zone. When I first spotted these on the shelf, I didn't feel any different. No Thank You. We'll just save those for someone who has more spice than little ol' me. The next day however, while back in the store I was feeling feisty and slipped these on. I became Cinderella with her glass slipper, just walking up and down the aisle hoping that it wasn't a prank. Am I actually one of the ugly Step-Sisters and at any moment the prince will announce that I am faking the fit of these shoes? Will the little mice laugh at my stupidity and dance around singing about my attempt to squeeze my large feet and a clearly too small for my shoe? Will the blue birds proclaim all through-out the land that I am wearing shoes that are in no way appropriate for me? I took a $15 chance and brought these shoes home. Apparently the blue birds didn't do a very good job on making their message clear, I have never received anything but compliments on these shoes. The lace detail makes them a bit more feminine, and makes them a smooth transition into my outfits. If anyone knew that under the Lacy trim was a hard black fabric, they would declare that the birds were right! These shoes belong on the feet of the strongest Roller Derby Chick. I may not skate, but I can kick a few butts too. Well actually I couldn't but I could probably find someone who could. Maybe.. if I looked hard, and did some begging...


Clare said...

Kayla, this is an impressive collection of wedges. I love them all, but especially the North Carolina! :)

ShyGirl said...

I am so jealous of your wedge collection! One of my fav types of shoes!

Kayla said...

Thank You! I must be honest, I don't have a favorite because every time I put a different pair on, I declare that they are my favorite! I guess that's the nice thing about having options :)

Kayla said...

We have a lot of the same pairs of shoes!!!

I've started a new blog. Strictly for fashion. Please check it out and follow there too.

Jill said...

lots of cute shoes at such reasonable prices! Thanks for the post! Cute blog!

pashmina said...

I love that first photo with all the wedges on your worn blue table... the colors are so pretty! P.S. Don't you think the tall people of America association needs to raise the bar 5'7" isn't that tall :-)