Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Getting Down to Business

I had a full day of meetings and needed an outfit that would say, take me seriously, hear what I have to say and work with me on making these improvements. My day ended on a high note, with a feeling of success. Was it my persuasive attitude, or the amazing detailing of this cardigan that swayed them? Was it the same color family vibe, or the presentation I spent so much time preparing? Maybe it was military inspired cardigan that made them take me seriously, or my decision to wear flats and stay at their eye level. Maybe it was my spending as much time on this work, as I had my outfit. Oh daydreaming of fashion, what a necessary evil.
Navy Cardigan: Forever 21 $11
Blue Shirt: Maurices $6
Blue Stripped Skirt: Old Navy $5
Gray Flats: Charlotte Russe $6
Cameo Necklace: giveaway prize via


C said...

Great cardigan. Reminds me I should wear more cardigans.

Kayla said...

Thanks! Wearing more cardigans is not my problem! I have too many!!

briannelee said...

Cute! Also, the most expensive item was $11!!!

Sara C. said...

I love ballet flats, I wear them with many things. In Italy you can find some gorgeous (and not expensive at all).
I have an Italian style blog. I send you the link, maybe you can like it
(this a specific post on ballet flats)

Adelaide said...

Nice look!