Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mom's Closet

I've mentioned before that a few weeks ago, when I stopped at my parents house for lunch, my mom gifted me with a few skirts and dresses that she had thrifted, but didn't fit her. She also gifted me with a bag full of old jewlery. Consider me a very happy daughter.
This skirt was one of the items in the pile. My mother had thrifted this skirt brand new with the tags, but was disappointed to find that it didn't fit once she got home. That's okay mom, the skirt fits me perfectly. I guess I'll take the responsibility of enjoying all of your amazing thrifting finds. When I was trying all of the items on, my mother laughed at me once I put this skirt on, saying that I had it on backwards. I wasn't sure why she was confused by the skirt. The slit goes in the back mom, ' consider it a dainty way to sneak a little bit of leg into an outfit. It's a sexy hint. ' She agreed that it made sense, and I brought my skirt home excited to work it into my work wardrobe. The skirt is mostly a pallet of maroon and brown, and I wanted to play that up by pairing it with purple tights. I felt professional in this outfit all day, and I loved how easily my new ziplock bag necklace worked with the rest of the outfit. When I got home and begrudgingly took the outfit off, I discovered the skirts tag sitting in the front of my skirt. Mom was right all along. This skirt is supposed to be worn with the slit in the front. Mom's always know best, but in this case it's the manufacture that is slightly confused. I prefer my slits in the back, Thank You very Much.

Long Sleeve Black Shirt: Maurices $6
Necklace: gifted from Mom, found in Ziplock bag of fun
Skirt: gifted and thrifted from Mom
Purple Tights: Dollar Store $1
Shoes: Payless ' The Imaginering Shoe'

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thevirus8792 said...

Stunning! That skirt is gorgeous!