Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Circle of Retail

This outfit was thrifting heaven. I didn't realize it when I first pieced it all together, but every item I'm wearing, except for the shirt, was thrifted. Not only was this outfit compiled after well thought out purchases, this outfit was practical. More than practical, I felt skinny all day. Is there anything better than an outfit that makes you more comfortable with what's underneath the fabrics?
A few weeks ago, when I arrived to my parents for some lunch and catch-up, my mom asked me to follow her to her bedroom, where she pulled out a bag of goodies. She was clearing out her jewelry and wanted to offer it to me. Little did she know I was just thinking about wanting to expand my jewelry collection a bit, and little did we both know this pink flower hiding at the bottom of the bag would be the perfect compliment to this outfit. In fact, when I first spotted this necklace in the bag I was a little concerned. Can a pink flower be worn without looking to Kindergarten-ish? Pairing it with the outfit proved my concerns wrong. It was the perfect touch of whimsy to an otherwise simple outfit.

Being a thrifter means that I not only enjoy a little retail therapy, but also that I often donate a lot of my clothes to thrifty places. It's like the circle of retail. One woman's trash, is another woman's thrifting heaven. Whenever I find great items, I tend to donate a few in return. Sort of like planting seeds. Well, at least that's how I justify it to myself. Plus donating means I have more hanger space for my new finds, and who doesn't need more hanger space? I took a bag recently to Plato's Closet, a local consignment store that buys gently used clothes, and advertises them towards a younger teenage crowd. Sadly, the rejected all of my items, (" we're mostly full, and those boots had a small scuff on the toe". Really Plato's Closet??) but I didn't walk out empty handed. I hoped to walk out of there $10 richer, and instead walked out $16 poorer. They had a great collection of belts, which is another element of my wardrobe I've been meaning to expand on. 4 new belts, and $15 later I left a happy woman. The Circle of Retail often gives back to those who have the patience to thrift. Just don't forget to leave a few seeds in their place...
Shirt: Target $6
Skirt: Goodwill $3
Necklace: Free from Mom's Collection
Shoes: Target new via Goodwill $6
Gray Tights: Dollar Store $1
Belt: Plato's Closet $4

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Kyla said...

This looks fantastic on you!