Thursday, March 04, 2010

Just Works

Do you have those items in your closet that you just seem to have the hardest time working into outfits? And yet you can't let them go? Today was one of those days when the planets aligned and I discovered that my blue button down, that I just can't let go of but have the hardest time working into anything, and my cozy beige cardigan that just seems to be to tight to layer came together. Together they could fit crime, stop bad vibes in their tracks and save the day one positive experience at a time. Maybe it was the amazing discovery early morning that these items worked well together, maybe it was the comfort of my jeans, and maybe it was just one of those days but this outfit seemed to make me glow.
I wanted to dress my jeans up a bit for work, so I thought a button down would make a good addition, and than added this cardigan in a sort of last minute experiment that seemed to go horribly right. Working with the beige I added my brown chunky necklace from Payless, and I tied a peach belt from another shirt around my jeans. This outfit just worked. Someone told me I was stunning ( not the way to get yourself a job by the way), and someone else asked if I was pregnant. Thank You to the first man and absolutely not to the second, but both seem to prove my theory that a great pair of jeans can take you far in life. If it wasn't for my amazing in-between jeans I wouldn't have tried to put these two items together, and I wouldn't have spent my day beaming with pride. Good work in-between jeans. Great work.

Jeans: Urban Behavior $15
Shoes: Target $5
Belt: Peach Shirt ribbon from another shirt
Button Down: Target $5
Cardigan: Christmas Gift
Necklace: Payless $1

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Tracy Elaine said...

Also very on trend... both The Sartorialist and Garance Dore have been posting about beige being the hot color not just on the runways, but with the attendees as well at the Fall fashion shows.