Thursday, March 04, 2010

Different Day- Different Wash

One thing I quickly learned when I started working in retail, is that different washes will simply appeal to different people. Often times, manufacturers also make the same jeans in two different washes, to appeal to different people. Some people find that lighter washes hide certain un-wanted curves, while other's find darker help to elongate their legs. There is no mathematical equation that can help you find your best wash, it is just a series of Trial and Error. After years of Trial and Error I have found myself some jeans in both washes, that flatter me for different reasons.

Years ago, I only wore lighter jeans. They always looked cleaned to me and seemed to flatter my tall figure. I slowly began to wear only darker styles, and about a year ago, welcomed back some lighter styles into my wardrobe. On me, lighter washes tend to feel very casual. My favorite way to wear these tones is with a great long-sleeve shirt and some fun accessories. I tend to be top heavy when it comes to my bottom half. What I mean is that this girl has got some hips, and the bulk of my bottom half rests just below my natural hip line. From the waist down I tend to look like an upside-down triangle, which is something I have to be careful of with lighter washes. I don't want to emphasize my widest parts so finding loose fitting lighter jeans is a must for me. One of my sisters some-how missed the hip genes that I inherited, and instead resembles a tall straight pole. She hates it, I envy it. Point is lighter jeans look amazing on her. It's all about buying what works for you, and wearing what looks the best.

After my first lighter jean craze, around the time my hips started to fill out I started to reach for a darker wash when shopping for jeans. They tend to hid my flaws just a bit better, and I was lucky enough to make some great purchases in some longer lengths. Dark Denim is now my go-to option for when I need dressy jeans. Dinner out with co-workers, casual meeting at the office, Birthday party for a friend, I always grab my darkest pairs. On me I find these tones tend to look a bit classier, and often make my legs look even longer. Some of my darkest styles seem to be only a step away from black, making them the perfect options for work. Plus, darker denim hides stains better which is a bonus if you work with, in or around children. In the winter especially I find myself navigating towards darker colors, and these jeans help to bring comfort, and some serious warmth. The key to buying darker denim is to read all tags carefully! Some denim companies have recently started adding tags to their pants that list recommended care. We've all purchased a pair of great jeans in an amazing dark wash only to find that not only did the wash quickly fade, but that the jeans were leaving behind a dark blue trail everywhere you sat. Accidentally throwing on a pair of new dark jeans before they are washed and adding a striking white shirt is sure to cause frustration, and in the end result in the need to purchase both a new shirt, and some serious laundry detergent. Always wash your dark denim at least once before wearing. Darker may be classier, but stains are way more annoying.

These two jeans are what I consider my in-between jeans. They have a bit more fading than the other styles which makes them dark from certain angles, and lighter from others. These also have great details, the one having vertical lines running through the denim, and the other subtle horizontal. I must admit I was never in the market for 'In-between' jeans and was quite happy with my picks of both light and dark washes. The retail store I used to work for closed awhile after I had left, and I rushed over to take advantage of their store closing deals. At the time a girlfriend and I stopped by, they had an amazing denim sale, " Buy One , Get One for $10", or something along those lines. The prices were amazing for such styles, and I knew I would need to stock up quickly. For years I only purchased my jeans with this company, so the idea of having to search for another gave me minor heart palpitations. With-in 2 days I was the proud owner for 4 new pairs of pants that I didn't need, but have luckily found tons of use with. These were two of those styles that I bought in my near panic. What I love about these is how versitale they have become to my wardrobe. They are dark enough to be appropriate for work, and yet light enough that with a hoodie and sneakers these don't look out of place. The fit one these is great and with a unique look as well, these are my perfect 'but I don't have anything to wear' jean.

Getting yourself out of a denim rut is hard, and frankly scary. For years I wore exclusively light, and than managed to transition into dark only seemingly over-night. The key is to try on both washes before buying a pair of denim and comparing the differences in each. Don't judge a book by it's cover, and don't judge a wash by a mannequin.

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