Monday, February 15, 2010

Television Worthy

Without going into much detail, I must admit that this weekend was an emotional roller coaster. No-one ever wants to get the 4am " Help Me" phone call, and not only did that phone call come in but the events that followed seemed to be straight out of a Law and Order. It was a brief 60 minutes of terror, but it felt like hours for everyone involved. Everyone is safe at home, and no harm has been done, but sometimes it take scary moments in life to bring everything back into perspective. I didn't need a reminder of how much I love my significant other, but how lucky we both are has recently become even more prevalent. That all being said, my weekend was full of pajamas. Outside of our interesting activities, a cold has snuck up on me and plagued me with a great sense of being uncomfortable in everything this weekend. As a result there are no fun pictures to show, so instead, I thought I would take a moment to tell you a few little known facts about me. I often see bloggers do these, and I always love to know a few little things that pictures and outfit descriptions just don't show.

1. I am always singing, or humming, or tapping my feet, or bouncing my head to the tune in my head. It must be a trait I get from my mother. My little brother has recently taken to singing from all corners of the house, and it made me think for a minute that that must be what I sound like too. I sometimes forget that other people can't hear the music in my head. The other night I caught myself singing children's shows theme songs as a way to calm myself to sleep. It may make me an odd bird, but it means I'll never live in a world of silence.

2. I currently drive a purple mini-van. Enough Said.

3. When we get a house I plan on spending all of my shopping money on home decor. It seems to make sense in my head. I don't need the extra accessories and clothes I buy now, but what I really don't need is anything extra for my apartment. A home will replace the part of my budget that is now saved for clothing. I sometimes wonder, if I had gotten a house earlier, would I have also gotten such a large closet worth of clothes?? Makes you think.

4. I have a niece who is adorable, and who thanks to the military I haven't yet met. She will be 1 in March and we will all be meeting her soon after. I currently have a box full of shirts and shoes and skirts for her that I pick up on clearance. She's already spoiled, and I haven't yet been able to hold her. She and my sister have no clue what they are in for once they get home.

5. I read often. Once I put my studies on hiatus for a year, I decided to re-dedicate myself to reading so many of the books that sit on my bookshelf. I love to read but when enrolled in school, I don't often have time for extra-curricular entertainment. Currently I'm reading a book about every 2 weeks, and I'm happy to say I haven't read a book I didn't like in quite some time.

6. I'm a twilight fan. Not on purpose. In fact I avoided the books altogether until my 16 year old sister convinced my mother and I to watch the first movie with her. The day after I purchased the books, and my mother and I read through them all with-in weeks. The story got to me. It was written for woman, and I'm the sucker who fell for it. Hook line and Sinker.

7. I don't love wine as much as I should. I feel like I could grow to love it, but I can rarely get through a glass. Unless it's White Zinfandel, and we're at a wedding. Than really we should just call the cab now.

8. I love boardgames. All board game. Any excuse really to hang out with friends and laugh is fine by me.

Happy (everyone is safe at home) Monday!

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kirstyb said...

great post! 4.30 am drama is not needed x