Friday, February 12, 2010

Gifted Friday

Instead of a Thrifty Thursday this week, I decided to try a little twist and bring you Gifted Friday. I have a variety of items in my closet that were gifted to me from friends, for holidays, or that were purchased by gift cards. So why not put them all together. They may not be thrifted, but technically they were all free!

Everything in this outfit was somehow gifted to me, except those shoes, and my undergarments but that's none of your business anyways. :)
That Zebra Shirt. I do love the shirt, but I have a fear of wearing it by itself. It does have a bit of a Magic Eye feeling, and so I always pair it with something over top to help minimize the chance of giving some poor unsuspecting person a seizure. This mock Turtleneck was purchased with a gift card at Express. I had received the gift card for Christmas a few years ago and headed to the mall a few day after to find some goodies. I found absolutely nothing, except for this Mock Turtleneck Zebra print of course. It was the exact cost of my gift card, and while I never would have purchased this with my own money, it was completely justifiable with someone else's. It's so comfy, and it's warm, it it also overwhelming. I love it all the same.

One of my girlfriends announced a year or so ago that she had a few bags of clothes to donate to the Goodwill. She asked if I wanted to take a look through them before she tossed them into the Goodwill dump sites, and I of course agreed. This shirt hanging looks ridiculous. It's a series of ties and these long pieces of material that just make no sense. On however this shirt is nothing short of flattering. This is an open top with two long pieces of fabric hanging off of each end. The ties are twisted around the shirt and eventually come together into a great box on the side. This was the perfect, free cover-up for my very bright shirt.
This necklace was a Christmas gift from Johnny's Aunt and Uncle to me last year. I love it's interesting design, and the arrow shape happened to flatter this shirt perfectly. On the back of the necklace is etched the word " protection" and its my favorite feature of this necklace. Sometimes in the middle of a hectic day I can look down and just know that I'm protected. This necklace gives me an odd sense of strength, just a little reminder that I've had it in me all along.
And those jeans. Years ago, when Johnny and I first started dating, he had a friend who had a bunch of jeans she offered to give to me. She had recently lost some weight and was looking to get ride of 5 pairs of Seven and Express jeans. Once I stopped focusing on the fact that these were some one's fat jeans, and remembered that these were free jeans I started putting them on. Almost all of the fit perfectly and still do all of these years later. This pair of Express jeans is one of my favorite from the bunch. Because she had owned them prior they came to me with that great worn appearance and feeling. Free Jeans that fit? Count me in, I don't care whose fat jeans they were. Sometimes the best thrifts are Free.

Zebra Shirt: Express purchased with giftcard
Black Tie Shirt: Worthington free from friend
Necklace: Christmas gift
Jeans: Express Free from a friend
Shoes: Payless $7

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