Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Year New Goals

I hate to make resolutions. I feel like there is this underlying pressure to full-fill your resolution during the first 3 weeks, and than everyone gives up on them slowly. I also don't think that you need to wait for the New Year to make some changes in your life. For me, the changes come about after the mini vacation that is the holidays. After almost every break I find myself setting some new goals and this year is no different. As I sat thinking about things I wanted to be better at this year however, I also started to reflect on the things this time last year I hoped I would modify.

1. In 2009: Wear more Skirts.
I had a few skirts in my closet and almost no dresses. I was constantly impressed by these blogging images of girls in skirts year round, and I decided that during 2009 I would simply wear more skirts. It was a challenge I set to step out of the fashion comfort zone. A year later not only do I wear more skirts, but I prefer them. Not only did I step out of my comfort zone, I recreated it.

2. In 2009: Drink More Water.
It's common to make goals like, loose weight, or work-out more but I knew that the truth was that I wouldn't complete those goals. I wanted to start smaller so I decided to drink more water. Now I drink 3 bottles a day and know how much of a change it has made. Now I find water refreshing instead of just a necessary evil.
1. In 2010: Learn how to De-Stress better.
This goes hand-in-hand with the water thing. I tend to handle stress poorly, and as a result I find myself physically weak all too often. I want to find natural ways to learn to cope better. Taking yoga once a week, drinking tea more often, going to bed earlier. By helping my body become healthier I can better manage everything that comes my way. You shouldn't send a solider to battle without training, and I can't hope that my body will be able to fight of sickness and stress if I don't help it.

2. In 2010: Wear Cardigans Less.
I've talked about this point often, but I love Cardigans. They make every outfit a little sweeter, and they are a great way to add an extra layer without adding bulk. Johnny has mentioned on a number of occasions that I rely on Cardigans all too often, and I'm starting to agree. I don't want to cut them out of my wardrobe completely, but I do want to find other ways to stay warm without looking like a soccer mom.

What goals are you hoping to set for the New Year?


Meli22 said...

Very funny- wear more skirts (and dresses) is one of my resolutions too! I have a post ready for tomorrow on my resolutions/goals ;)

A non resolution (but something I want) is actually to get MORE cardigans, because I am obsessed. Hello, I am a 22 year old girl, and I am a cardigan-aholic.

Anonymous said...

My resolution? Take more risks and to be less matchy-matchy with what I own. This can be difficult since I'm a professional, but it just means I have to do more planning and less staring at the closet when I'm half-awake in the morning. I need to wear more of what I have instead of relying on my mainstays.

I need to break the cardi habit. The work really well with my body type as they balance out my slimmer upper half, plus I'm always cold. But seriously, I have way too many.

I'm interested to see what you end up with!