Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Miley and Max

I'm going to be honest, and admit that every time Miley's latest song, 'Party in the USA' comes across the radio, I quickly turn it up and sing at the top of my lungs. That song has been stuck in my head since it came out. I may have even caught a few episodes of Hannah Montana, and I may have laughed out loud a few times as well, ( that Jackson...) but anything with the name Miley Cyrus on it sends me immediately to images of teenage cult devotion. I was a complete fan of the Backstreet Boys back in my day, and now as an adult I can't help but to look at the Hannah Montana craze with confusion. We weren't like that were we? When I first heard the Miley would be teaming up with Max Azria to put out a line for Wal-mart, I was skeptical to say the least. I read some great reviews, but I was still resistant. Now I sit here, ready to eat my words. I took a trip to my local Wal-Mart to pick up some last minute holiday needs, and was silently pulled into the clothing department. This line is great. The clothing has a flirty rocker vibe, and I was immediately pulled in. Some of the items were very tween, but many of them were perfect for any stylish rocker chick. My local Wal-Mart seems to be clearing out some of the older items in the line to make room for the new items, which explains the rows and rows of $5 price tags. I have heard that the pants for this collection are amazing, that they fit well and that they are affordable. I can't attest to that review myself, but I can tell you that the fabrics impressed me. They were thin, but the perfect wearable kind of thin. The kind of thin that will cover your skin and will make for great layering pieces. I will also tell you that you need to plan on shopping for a size up in the shirts. I tried on a Large T-Shirt and sadly it fit like liquid. Not ideal for t-shirt, but a size up ( a very scary x-large) fit well. I normally take a medium in shirts, so I was surprised, but not disappointed. No-one sees the size tag but me, people just know how something looks on you, and these designs looked great.

Cardigan Vest retails on for $14.00.
This great dress is only sold on the website and retails for $20.

A cute bow racer back tank top retails on the website for $10.

The perfect Maroon Bomber Jacket on the website for $20.

Still looking for the perfect plaid? This shirt also came in blue, purple and red and retails for $12.00.
I urge anyone who wants to stock up on great girly rocker gear to head to your local Walmart. With Holiday sales upon us, the prices for these items may be less in store than online, and be sure and try the items on. If something doesn't fit, it won't ever look good no matter who designed it.

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