Tuesday, December 08, 2009

DIY No Sew Holiday Gift Idea

During the holidays, I love to really let me creative juices flow. I always have so many ideas that it can be hard to put them all in motion. This is a great No-Sew blanket that I have made many times before. It is so simple to do, and it makes a great gift.

Materials Needed:

Your choice of Fleece ( I recommend a yard for a lap size blanket)
A pair of Scissors

Approximate Project Time: 20 minutes

The materials you need for this project are minimal. Just a pair of scissors and some fleece! You can use any fleece found at your local fabric store, though for this project I chose a blizzard fleece. Because fleece doesn't tend to fray it works best for this project, and it is so comfy for using as a blanket! The size you get, all depends on your needs. I usually stick with a yard of fabric to make a great lap blanket. This particular project was for my `0 month old niece so half of yard will do just fine.The skills needed for this task are minimal! If you can cut paper, and you can tie your shoes than this is the perfect project for you!!

Your fleece will come with a little bit of a lip at two ends, so be sure and cut that off. These are the same sides of the fleece that will be used, so don't worry about cutting straight as any imperfections will be covered up.

After you trim off the excess fabric, lay the fleece out flat. Starting at one end you just took the excess off, start making straight cuts into the fabric. You are basically creating fringe. To keep it simple I made the cuts as long as the scissors so it only took one snip to make each section. You can make the tabs as wide as you want, but keeping them smaller will make them easier to work with. I tend to eyeball the size as I cut, but average each cut to be the width of my fingertip.

Once you have cut all of your tabs, start knotting them together. Use two tabs and tie them, much like your shoe. I tie two knots to make sure that they will stay tied. Continue this for all of your fringe, eventually tieing knots with all of your tabs.

You can knot all 4 sides of the blanket, but I like to keep it to the 2 opposite sides that originally had the excess fabric. Because fleece won't fray you don't have to worry about the non-knotted sides, and because they are cut by the manufacture, you don't have to worry about them not being straight.

And there you have it! It really is a very simply project that anyone can do! This blanket took me about 15 minutes total, but the larger the blanket the longer the time. This is a great project and being able to choose from so many different patterns will really make the project personal. I can't wait until my niece opens this gift and can start enjoying warm naps with her No-Sew DIY Blanket!

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