Monday, November 09, 2009

Television ( Reality)- Real Housewives of

I was excited about this challenge. I happen to have a small addiction to Reality Television and so I watch all of the seasons of Real Housewives on Bravo. I can't say I have a favorite, and originally had planned on deciding on just one of the different cities to highlight with today's outfit. In the end though, I decided to simply pay thanks to each of the cities with a blingy shirt and some sky high heels.

One thing is true whether you're in New York City, Orange County CA, Atlanta or New Jersey, those ladies love to shine! They all proudly wear their jewelry and their designer duds. I don't have much of anything that's expensive, but shiny I can do. This top was a great piece. It served the challenge well, it glimmered under every light I went near, and may have caused a few people to put on their sunglasses. More importantly it was so comfortable, and that is the key to any housewives wardrobe regardless of social status.

The next big piece to this outfit was my sky high black booties. I love these shoes and am almost ashamed to admit that this was my first time wearing them with pants. These are great skirt and tight shoes, and so outside of that they just haven't gotten much wear. The extra height really helped to drive the theme home. If I ever get to become a " Real Housewife", my shoe closet will be twice the size of my current bedroom.

I met my girlfriends for a nice dinner after work, and while I loved those black booties, I wanted to make the outfit a bit edgier so I added my purple ruffle booties from Payless. These boots have a shorter heel so the height isn't so drastic, but with the double purple tones the outfit felt a bit more rocker, and a bit more ready for a night of margaritas and laughs with my favorite girls.
Purple Sparky Tank: Charlotte Russe $5
Black Cardigan: old
Jeans: Seven new via Marshalls $20
Black Booties: Kmart $20
Necklace: After Thoughts $7
Purple Booties: Payless $20


Anonymous said...

I love the black booties! So cute!

Anonymous said...

I have those same purple booties from payless!! I LOVE them so much!! OOh but your black booties are SO amazing- and $20 incredible!!