Thursday, November 05, 2009

Television ( Comedy)- Ugly Betty

The Ugly Betty challenge was another one that I was excited to embark on. Excited that is until I realized that the charm of Ugly Betty is that she doesn't dress well for the most part or fit in. Betty is all about color smashing and pattern pairing. How could I make all of that work, and still not stick out like a sore thumb?

And just like that out came my boldest skirt and my purple tights. I adore this skirt. When I first saw it at Kmart it broke my heart to leave it behind. I wasn't excited about the price tag, and was nervous. With such a bold pattern how could I make this work often enough to justify the price? When I received a $25 gift certificate in the mail for filling out a survey, I ran to Kmart. They had one of these left, and it was in my size. Fate.

In my head the purple tights pairing with the skirt seemed like the perfect Ugly Betty combination. In application I was worried. There isn't a hint of purple in the skirt, so how could I make this work? After a few minutes deciding I left it at making it work. Betty would. By the end of the day I loved this outfit. It really worked, and I think it almost worked because it wasn't supposed to. Just like most of Betty's outfits.

I was disappointed when I got home and took of my shoes to discover a run starting in my toes. I quickly turned to a tip from my mother years ago that has saved me many ruined tights. These are my only colored tights and for the moment I won't be shopping for any more, so in an effort to save them I grabbed for my clear nail polish. By painting over the run with the clear polish, it almost holds the run in place. These trick has saved me so many times before and this time was no different. The polish will hold for a long time as well, but I always try to re-apply after washing. I also try to apply it while wearing the tights so that the run is pulled apart a bit. Giving the run an extra layer of strength really helps to stop it in it's tracks.

So what do you think? Was I able to create the perfect wrong outfit?
Shirt: Weathervane: $8
Skirt: Kmart $20 but free with gift card
Tights: Kohl's $4
Shoes: Payless $11


eednic said...

i think you did a great job! i wish i would have known about this challenge. i think i could have definitely made myself into a colorful wonderful mess. lulz.

Leproust Vintage said...

What a creative inspiration! I love the colors in your outfit!

Thanks for the well wishes! :)