Monday, November 02, 2009

Office Appropriate Halloween

I couldn't resist dressing up for work the day before Halloween, but I wasn't going to spend money on a costume that was only going to be worn for a few hours. So I took to shopping in my closet. Thanks to some great ideas by Jessica of, What I Wore, ( ) I decided to put my military jacket to good use!

So I dressed as Paul Revere! I had to tell my co-workers what I was as the costume wasn't too obvious. Everyone knew I was someone from the 'old times' but no-one could pin point just what.
That was part of the problem, my costume made me looked dressed up if you knew me, but as a stranger I just looked like I was a strange dresser. I had to grocery shop after work, and I got quite the stares.

I just love this jacket, but imagine my disappointment when halfway through the day one of my buttons just flew off! I'm not even sure why! The buttons don't actually function, they are simply for decoration. I have bought a number of coats from Forever 21 and I'm sad to report that I tend to loose buttons often. But I consider it a lesson learned. There buttons aren't sewn on tight enough so before you wear the jacket out, take a needle and thread and make the quick fix. Much in the style of Betsy Ross.

My gray sweater tights and my favorite Steve Madden heels were a perfect outfit finisher. I was warm all day and with so many layers up top, I was surprisingly hot for a bit of the day.

Jacket: Forever 21 $20
White Ruffle Shirt: Walmart $5
Scarf: Maurices $6
Capri's: old
Sweater Tights: Marshalls $5
Shoes: Steve Madden gifted

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I almost bought that jacket too, but didn't and now I am kicking myself after seeing this post. You look so adorable!! (Great shoes too!)


P.S. Totally loving your blog! :)