Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Movie- Secret Garden

As a child, the Secret Garden was one of my favorite stories. I would read and re-read any book I could get my hands on that involved a princess and the movie was watched over and over again. The story is of a little girl, Mary, who is forced to move in with her sick uncle once her rich parents die. She never sees the uncle and is forced to spend most days alone. While wandering the house one day she find a key, that she later discovers unlocks an amazing garden. She not only finds this garden, but also some great friends and learns some great lessons. The whole store is very predictable, and very old and I love every bit of it. I was excited for the chance to wear my sheer purple ruffle top. I call this my old lady shirt as it probably made it's way to the Salvation Army after it wasn't purchased in an Estate Sale, but that's part of it's charm.

When I purchased this key necklace a few months ago, I knew I would find all sorts of ways to wear it. This outfit proved to be another great opportunity. Working with the theme I loved the idea of Mary wearing the secret key around her neck to always keep it near her heart.

Being that the key is a big secret, it wouldn't be her only piece of jewelery and so I added this locket necklace. This piece also has a bit of older charm. I hardly ever pair pieces together, but even though these are two different tones I felt as though they worked together to help tell the story through my clothes.

When I found this skirt on the clearance rack last year I was so excited. I had been on the hunt for a black pencil skirt, and this one would do the trick. It was about half a size too big, but not too big to fit. I have worn it many times since than but the more and more I look at it in these pictures, the more I decide that this skirt needs to get moved to the donation bin. It is a little big, and it is not very flattering. It is a giant rectangle and it sits like one too.

Sheer Purple Top: Salvation Army $2
Blue Cardigan: Goodwill $4
Key Necklace: Charlotte Russe $6
Locket Necklace: Claires $1
Tights: Kohl's $4
Shoes: Payless $20


Kendra said...

I must agree, you can do alot better than that skirt! Though it does look to be a pretty fabric. Do you think it's able to be tailored?

Kayla said...

Honestly I think the material is too cheap to be worth tailoring. But maybe I'll try making the changes myself. Maybe if I shorten it and take it in a little bit it will work. Thanks for the idea!

Work With What You've Got said...

I love this whole look the pictures are adorable and that key necklace is amazing!