Monday, November 09, 2009

Apple Doesn't fall far...

As we were sitting in church yesterday, my sister got up to speak and I thought to myself, Wow she always looks so pulled together. And look at those shoes! Than I looked down at my shoes and thought, as if you couldn't tell we were sisters.

I am the oldest of 4 children. Perette is 16 and my second sister. The second oldest is a Marine stationed in Japan, and enjoys a style all her own. As Perette has gotten older in the past few years, she has started to develop a very strong sense of style. As a teenager, I lived in the awkward phase for years longer than everyone else. It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I started to get a strong sense for who I was and how I wanted to dress myself. That has become even more complete in the last year with this blog as I continue to stretch my comfort and creative levels. At the age of 16 I often think that Perette is light-years ahead of me. She knows how she wants to look and she always pulls it off. I would like to think that she learned a little bit from me, but the truth is she has probably pulled mostly from things around that she found inspiring, and now she is an inspiration to everyone around.

Here's the big catch, she's 16! She doesn't have a serious job! Most 16 year old's don't, in fact at her age I was just getting my first job in retail and working on the weekends learning to hoan my own style. Somehow this amazing young lady has not only already discovered her style, but learned to put it together using birthday money, gifts from friends and babysitting money. I would like to think I've got quite the closet, but I've financed it all. Perette has too, but with much less money. We learn the art of the bargain hunt from my mother, and with her we have all learned how to shop like a pro and where to find the best deals. If anyone questions that idea, take a look at both my sisters and I. We are stylish ladies living on a budget.

And who ever said that a budget meant bad shoes? Not for these apples!!

On Perette:
White Lace Tank Top
Black T-Shirt
Gray Vest
Brown Sequined Heels
On Kayla:
Gray Sweater: H and M $6
Purple Tank Top: Weathervane $6
Jeans: Seven new at Marshalls $20
Heels: Payless $20


Meli22 said...

your sister needs to start a blog (if she had time after homework lol) she is seriously cute! I agree, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, you are both adorable. And I want her heels... STAT! ;)

eednic said...

look at the fabulous shoes on the two of you!!