Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gray Days

It is all about these boots.
After seeing Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk ( )wear her gray boots with so many different things, I couldn't help but to run to Target and get my own pair. These are so similar to the red boots I've been pining after, but in a basic black these will be so much more wearable for me. Kyla was right, these boots are amazingly comfortable. I think I'll have a harder time wearing any other pair of shoes from now until April.

Originally I choose this shirt because Johnny mentioned as we waited in the train station on Saturday, that Gray is a grossly underused color in fashion. I am one of those lucky girls who does not have to dress her boyfriend. He falls into the metro- sexual category and has a closet full of designer duds. He has always had an eye for fashion, but our eyes are very different. Our love for fashion is mutual, but our understanding of it is different. That is sometimes half the fun of our debates. As we were people watching at Penn Station, he spotted a gray bag on a girl and made his statement. "It's a great color and too many people use it as a background instead of as a focal." I can't disagree with him. If I'm wearing gray I will almost always pair it with some colorful pieces to make everything pop. On a whim I've decided to try my hand at the gray ensemble. The look failed thanks in part to those blue tights and my new boots. How could any sweater stand a chance?

More importantly this sweater doesn't fit well. Looking at these pictures, the sweater hangs giving me a boxy appearance. From my shoulders to my lower torso is not the shape of a perfect rectangle, and this sweater would make you think otherwise. It was a great thrifty find, but it will soon find it's way off to the Goodwill.
Gray Sweater: Salvaged from a friend before she donated it
Tank Top: Forever 21 $2
Black Skirt: Salvation Army $3
Blue Tights: Target $5
Boots: Target $35


Fell 4 Fashion said...

I have these boots too, but in gray!! Love them and your purple tights!!

Anonymous said...

OOh you are making me want to run out to Target and get my own pair of those boots. They are fabulous!! I love how you paired them with the purple tights and your cute skirt.


P.S. You have a smart bf there. I think gray makes a wonderful focal color too!

Meli22 said...

the sweater might not fit well, but how does it look belted? try it out!

my hubby is the exact opposite- he could care less what he wears. he lately made fun of me with a belted top- it was unnaturally weird to him. I told him he had no idea about fashion. lol

Ms. Givens said...

I was thinking the same thing. Belt the sweater. I have tights in that color but they arent very warm so I have only worn them once. I wish my husband had more style. He tries. He always ask my opinion on what he chooses now that I am writing a blog on what I wear.