Monday, October 05, 2009

Old Lady Chic

When I scored this Old Lady shirt at the Goodwill for $3, I was so excited to go home and start wearing it immediately. It has the perfect combination of everything old lady, sheer fabric, ruffled shoulders, a high neck and ruffly sleeves. I just loved the style, but am determined to not look like a senior wearing the item.

I decided that instead of simply pairing this top with leather and completely working against the grain, I would play it up a bit. I added this cardigan, that itself has a bit of an older flare. It is very simple and I think that adds to it's appeal. The cardigan also helped to cover the poofy shoulders, that would all but give me away. To keep the outfit from heading too far senior, I added some great accessories. This necklace is a thorn in my sides of sorts. I just love the colors, but the length is unusual. I knew that this fact made it perfect for this shirt. The shirt has a high neck and the necklace won't fall far below which together will great the perfect balance.

Since the weather keeps getting colder, I was ready to pull out my office ready boots. I got these on clearance last spring at Target for a cool $7. The style of this boot is 'Kaila', and while it is spelled differently than my name, I would imagine it sounds just the same. I always enjoy finding little nuances to shoes like that one, and it absolutely helped me in justifying the purchase.

Cardigan: Goodwill $2
Old Lady Shirt: Salvation Army $3
Tank Top: Urban Behavior $6
Necklace : Lia Sophia $20
Bracelet: Won in a giveaway!!
Skirt: Old Navy $5
Boots: Target $7

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