Monday, October 26, 2009

Must Have Monday

When I first put myself on a shopping ban, I made a few exceptions. My upcoming Shopping Vacation, and holidays( which include Halloween costume needs). So imagine my excitement when my shopping trip to Atlantic City finally came! I had put aside a certain amount of money, so when my shopping buddy and I did some browsing earlier in the week at our local mall, I wasn't upset when I purchased a few well priced clearance items. What was left of my money was being used for the big shopping trip. I was able to find some sweaters and a few shirts, but most all of my shopping ended up being for Christmas. I am a type A personality and that becomes even more apparent when it comes to Holiday shopping. Now with gifts already on my list of 'things I need for the end of December', I'm feeling a little more at ease already. With so much shopping this last week, and smart shopping at that I feel content. My closet is full of great sweaters, tons of shoes, my make-up has been updated and full and my jewelery closet is starting to rival Rachel Zoe's. There is simply nothing I need, except for some work pants. The outlet's we visited had none, and trust me I looked. When the season's first started changing and I tried everything on again I wasn't disappointed by the fit of what work pants I did have, but by their length. It can be hard to find pants long enough as it is, and add in the requirement of them being comfortable materials that can still look professional and shopping suddenly becomes a chore. With no shopping on the horizon, I'm still keeping my eyes open for great deals, and some potentially great stores to look for better fitted work pants.
But first let me gush over these shoes for a moment. No I don't need any more shoes. No I'm not planning on spending any more money on shoes, but if the money fairy suddenly dropped $20 under my pillow, I would rush to Forever 21 to grab these amazing booties. It's my childhood love of the Secret Garden that makes these the next Must Have shoe for my collection. Booties get tons of use in my closet anyways, so with these great heel, comfortable platform and amazing color, I've already decided on 25 different outfits to wear with these shoes. My gushing will end here, but my drooling will not. Oh Forever 21, thank you for the Carlita Lace-up Bootie. Retails for $18.80.
I've long heard that Anne Taylor comes out with great pants, and the above image seems to back that rumor up. My shopping habits tend to be on the relatively affordable end of the spectrum, but investing in a few great staples is always acceptable. Maybe some work pants needs to be thought of as a staple. Items that you will have for years, that you will wear often and that will help to keep you looking professional. Maybe a great pair of pants can be your ticket to promotion. These pants retail for $120 on the website, but with so many Anne Taylor coupons available, getting a deal on these pants doesn't seem completely unreasonable.

Maurice's website doesn't have the most attractive looking images. Their pictures make these pants look flat, and the fit can't be seen. Luckily for me I have a location local, and lucky for you I have bought en a number of pants from them on the past and can report that a lot of their pants fit wonderfully. Their fabric is always well made, and their styles aren't outdated. Even finding pants that are longer doesn't seem a problem for me when it comes to this great store, but trying on before buying is a must. The chocolate pants retail for $34 and the tweed for $34 as well.

Old Navy has always been a long time retail favorite of mine. They are the place to go to stock up on basics, and since all of their sizes run big you have to be prepared to shop a size down to find your perfect size. No woman minds needing to try on a size or two lower than they would in any other store, and with thick material to match their great prices, Old Navy leaves a great option for some more professional looking pants. These wide-leg Khaki's retail for $32.50.

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