Friday, October 09, 2009

Foot Care

If you've been reading for awhile, you know how much I love my shoes. You also know that I love wearing different shoes everyday. This helps to keep my shoe collection in constant rotation, and gives my wardrobe a little bit of excitement, but lately my feet have been anything but happy. I think they are starting to want to live a life of being barefoot on a beach, but with the snow coming, bare feet will have to soon become a distant memory. I get a pedicure about once a month, and my favorite part ( besides the massage) is letting my feet soak in the hot water. Nothing makes me feel more refreshed than that, and so I decided to bring a little bit of that home everyday. Every night I run hot water for a few minutes in the tub and let my feet just hang out. I usually also wash them with a face wash, that is full of exfoliating beads to get rid of dead skin. I know that they make foot wash with the same ingredients, but since I happen to have extra of a face wash that I'll never use, I'm enjoying the peachy scent on my tootsies.
Another foot life saver is my Dr. Scholl's Rub Relief. This is like a giant stick of wonderfulness. I read about a version of this in a magazine and decided to make the commitment to get one. This stick is basically a big chap stick. It rubs on your feet just like one too. The idea, is that anywhere on your feet that there is rubbing, you simply roll a little bit of this on your skin, and it will keep you protected. It works like a second skin, and this product has saved me from some killer blisters. It amazes me every time that I feel instant relief. I usually wear my shoes around the house while I finish my makeup and pack my lunch for work. Before I walk out the door I evaluate how my feet are feeling. Do my ankles feel scratchy? Do my toes feel cramped? If my answer is yes to any of these things, I run to my bathroom and rub on a little bit of this wonderful rub. With the texture of chap stick, it rolls on easily. I usually only have to apply once in the morning, but some people may need to use it more than once through-out the day. This little wonder was just about $10, and it is made by a number of different companies.
What feet soothing techniques do you use? Do you have a feet keeping secret? How do you balance owning sore feet, and owning piles of great shoes??

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