Thursday, October 22, 2009

Date Night

We finally got the chance to enjoy a perfect date night this week. Our schedules have been so busy which made it even nicer when Johnny and I got to enjoy a great restaurant, a few glasses of wine and some wonderful conversation. And with the signing of the bill came a promise that we wouldn't loose touch with our love of eating out, quiet conversation and spending the night together.
*I don't care what Johnny says, I just love the broken down rag doll look. Maybe its the ANTM in me

Dress: Kmart $15
Cardigan: ?? old
Coat: Guess gifted from Johnny
Tights: Kohls $6
Necklace: After Thoughts $5
Bracelet: Little shop in the mall $6
Earrings: Diamond gifted from Johnny
Shoes: Payless $20

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