Thursday, October 22, 2009

Casual Weekday

The beginning of the week was so crazy, that I just needed a day in jeans. Our dress code at work is pretty formal, and most days I am over-dressed compared to the crowd. Jeans are often worn by my co-workers, I just have so many great skirts that I almost never wear my denim.

When I saw this knit sweater my heart melted a little. I loved the motorcycle vibe of the jacket, and knew that I could still make it work with my usually lady-like attitude. The look is a little hard, but with the great knit material the sweater jacket itself looks almost subtle. This was a great way for me to hide a plain long sleeve shirt underneath. I woke up just wanting simple and warm, and knew that my gray shirt would give me that. The shirt itself however is almost too simple, but with this great jacket over top, you hardly even notice the simplicity underneath.

My flat collection is almost as big as my heel collection ( with 84 pairs I think that fact is probably obvious). In years prior I would pack them away for most of the snow season, and occasionally bring them out and freeze my toes off. Last year I got smart and purchased an abundance of black and beige trouser socks. I've always avoided them because I feared they were too business woman for me, but now I couldn't live without them. My beige socks make it look like I'm not even wearing socks and while the black are apparently, they mostly go unnoticed. Adding socks helps keep my feet warm, and keeps my shoe collection in heavy rotation.

Black Lace Cami: Weathervane $6
Gray Long Sleeve Shirt: Walmart $3
Knit Moto Jacket: Forever 21 $15.50
Necklace: Lia Sophia $20
Jeans: Weathervane $25
Socks: (pack of 6 ) Walmart $3.50
Shoes: Maurices $12

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Clare said...

I love the knit motorcycle jacket that everyone's rocking! Looks so chic!