Thursday, September 10, 2009

Iconic Style: Mod

I'm really disappointed with this entry. Johnny wasn't feeling well and so after work I ran home to grab overnight clothes and than headed to his house for dinner and some quiet movie time. I was in such a rush to head over, that I completely forgot to take any outfit photos. I attempted some quick one's late at night but I'm going to have to leave it up to my descriptive words for you to get the real feeling of the outfit.

I saw Mod has a bit of a challenge. I have always admired Twiggy for what she was able to do for the fashion world. The style of that era is full of short mini A line dresses, and lots of color blocks. I decided that a short dress wouldn't work for the office but the idea of the color blocks I would be able to work with.
To bring the idea of color blocks into the office place, I decided that I would play with some layering techniques. I put a black tube top on over my white tee. It's something I've seen on so many fashion bloggers and yet have never tried myself. I loved the way this looked. The white became a pop of color and the straight line of the top of my tube top really helped to emphasize the change in color. In the future I would pair another black tube top underneath the first one, so that no white peaks from under the shirt.

I decided that with so much black and white going on, a subtle hint of color would really help to pull it off. I decided my teal peep toe heels and my blue jeweled necklace would be the perfect accessories. They helped to add some color without taking away from the interesting black and white motif. A great thing about the Mod style, is that it really emphasizes not only the thinness of it's wearer's, but also the length of the legs. With mini A line dresses the women of this era were showing off their thin little legs all the time. I decided that to play with the illusion I would pair my black pants under my now layered top. With black on top and on bottom, the illusion of a jumpsuit, and of one continuous piece was created. This really helped to emphasize the length of my legs. I was able to accentuate them without having to show them, and tip that will certainly carry me through the seasons changing.

Final Evaluation: I am mostly bummed that I couldn't get any good photos because I loved this outfit so much. I think that mod isn't just about black and white and I look forward to experimenting with this idea of color blocking, with more color involved! I loved the illusion of length in my body. Most importantly, this look was completely appropriate for the office. I felt that I looked professional and pulled together and yet I was secretly hinting to a decade so long ago. I think the key to this style is simplicity, and I look forward to using the idea of simple pieces to make great outfits in my future everyday wear.

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