Thursday, September 10, 2009

Iconic Style: American Classic

This outfit was the easiest for me to pull together which is why I saved it for one of my last looks. It is the closest to my normally conservative look and so I didn't have to do much thinking when it came to putting this outfit together. That made it perfect for my quick dressing since Johnny still wasn't feeling well and I spent the night at his house. As I got dressed at his house I couldn't figure out why this outfit just didn't feel right. I pulled this outfit out of the pages of a Ralph Lauren catalog, and even still something just wasn't clicking. And than it hit me... this is my uniform from Best Buy! I worked at Best Buy for 3 years and with my blue polo and khaki pants I was ready to take on the retail world. The only thing missing was my brown shoes and matching belt. Even this necklace I used to often pair with my uniform to lighten it up a bit. Apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed either because when I got to work, one of our salesman put a yellow post it on my chest. He knew I was just missing my name tag.

I really wanted to stick with the idea of the red, white and blue. I knew it was cheesy and completely overdone, but every great American classic look I can think of involved some shade of these colors. They are truly classic and you can't go wrong with the primary spectrum. This polo is a little loose on me and I tend to never wear it alone because of that, but it sure is comfy and helped to get me through the day. Before working at Best Buy, I never wore Khakis, and after taking the job all I did was wear khaki's. For that reason this is still the only pair I own, but I am starting to think that I may need to add at least one more great pair of khaki trousers to my wardrobe. They are so comfortable and help to dress up a look and make it feel more professional.

Final Evaluation: This look was just as I had suspected. Comfortable. Mostly because I am just used to wearing this exact thing. This summer I really got myself stuck in a 'country club inspired' rut and have enjoyed my recent challenge. On this journey of trying new styles, I'm proud to admit that I was almost bored with my appearance yesterday. It lacked innovation and spunk. My journey through the different iconic styles has almost made me bored with what was my everyday look. This helped to re-enforce that I will be a bit more adventurous in the upcoming weeks as I try to break out of my recent soccer-mom look.

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