Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Those shoes

Please don't mind that the black and white pattern of my skirt completely clashes with the black and white pattern of my comforter. I didn't realize until just now.
This skirt finishes up my display of the last items I purchased. I grabbed this skirt from the Goodwill for $5. It sits high on me covering my bellybutton. I don't mind that mom fit though because I will never wear it with anything tucked in and you have no idea with a shirt pulled over top. Plus it means I never have to worry about my underwear peaking out. I'm always a sucker for a- line skirts, and there are lots out there but this pattern just stole my heart. I have a think for black and white patterns, which is clearly evident by my matching comforter.
At first I wasn't sure just what jewelry to add. I wanted to make it simple since the skirt is so busy, and I was excited when I thought about this piece. This is a silver leaf one of my best friends bought for all of us girls years ago. While she was in Colorado she purchased one for each of the 3 of us, and 1 for herself. We all have the leaves. They are actual leaves that they dip in silver which makes them hard. I just love the detail and I love thinking about the life that this little leaf lived before it was made solid and given a new life. At first the length of the necklace bothered me, but now years later I appreciate it for how it helps the charm stand out, and it makes it perfect for a plain backdrop such as this.

These shoes are another Goodwill find, but from a while ago. These were in fact one of my first Goodwill purchases. I got them for $4. I loved the deep red suede of the shoes. They are Collin Stuart which I have since researched to discover it is a Victoria Secret line. They are comfortable, which is surprising for their height. I love the element of surprise these shoes give. I realized this week however that I mostly wear these shoes with black and white options. I would like to show these babies off with some color as well. Do I see a future challenge??


Savvy Mode SG said...

those red shoes are the perfect accent. : )

eednic said...

cute skirt! what a find for only $5!!