Thursday, July 23, 2009


This afternoon as I ventured onto my dashboard, to check up on what blogs have been updated since I last looked, I was surprised to find little message from the blogger gods, " There are not currently any blogs you follow." What?? What?? I follow too many blogs! I have probably over 30 blogs I follow what do you mean they are missing? I quickly signed out and than back in, same message. I re-started the computer hoping that blogger didn't somehow delete all of my blog addresses! Upon the full re-boot I was calmed to discover that there everything was waiting for me. Must have just been a small blogger glitch. The scare made me realize a few things though, 1. I really do follow too many blogs ( but who can blame me) and 2. I spend a lot of time each day checking my read list. Does anyone else find that blogger has begun taking over portions of your life?? Do you feel bad about that?? Should I?

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lola5375 said...

Only 30?? You definitely shouldn't feel bad - I am following about 80!
To be fair, not all of them update regularly, so it is probably time to edit my list.