Friday, June 12, 2009

Work-Out Shirt

Wednesday started out much like Monday for me. I had woken up late, and as I laid in bed contemplating how much of a difference the extra 10 minutes of sleep would make, I decided that I was almost too tired to get dressed. I wanted to wish the day to become a Saturday, enjoy a few extra hours of sleep, and throw on my comfy jeans and a cotton shirt. I started to think realistically after laying there for the extra 10 minutes caught up with me and I realized how late I really would be. But as I jumped out of bed to start my morning routine, I thought, why can't I still wear a go to Saturday Morning choice? This Grey shirt is a Wal-Mart $2 find from last winter. I love long sleeve shirts, especially in the winter. Long Sleeves make me feel warmer and more comfortable, almost like being wrapped in a blanket. Since the weather is nicer, this shirt spends most of it's time hanging in my closet waiting for cool nights around the fire, and rainy afternoon car trips. Today would be neither of those days, but I knew that I shouldn't miss out the feeling of complete comfort just because I would be spending my day at work typing and talking. The shirt I had settled on, but now I stand in my closet wearing only my grey shirt completed unsure of how to make a basic throw around shirt ready for a day at the office. What to add to a not so dressy piece? A casually more dressy item. My purple skirt was perfect.
I knew that some great accessories would help to make the shirt seem a little less ' bed' ready, but I did not want to be fooling around with long necklaces and noise making bracelets. This seemed like the perfect debut for my new necklace. I scooped this necklace up for $1 at a local Dollar Store. I loved the colors in the heart, and the bronze chain was an unexpected touch. What does an almost perfect outfit need? The best boat shoes ever. Again, Thank You Walmart for these $10 finds. I own these shoes in 2 colors, a rule that has only been broken one other time with the purchase of my peep toe heels.

A work outfit made entirely of Lazy Saturday pieces. Pure Perfection.

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