Friday, June 12, 2009

Monday Heels

I had a feeling with-in moments of waking up that Monday would be a crazy day. Even still, I wanted to still with my heel options so I pulled out an old favorite. These were the first peep toe pumps I bought. Every pair of peep toe heels made my toes feel squished. By the end of the day I would feel like my 'pointer toe' was about to fall off. For that reason, I never got into peep toes shoes in general. All of the magazines kept showing these classy women with the perfect amount of toe cleavage, but I just couldn't jump on the band wagon. Until I tried these shoes on that is. I was wondering by a Steve and Barry's about 2 years ago now, when I saw that they were carrying Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line, Bitten. I had to take a peek and was so excited to see these little beauties waiting right there on a table. I slipped a pair on and feel in love immediately. They have a heel, but it is on the smaller side giving the appearance of height, but providing both support and comfort. My toes have plenty of room to move and there is absolutely no rubbing on my exposed toes. These fit like many of my closed toe shoes, which I love. What I loved the most about these? They were $7. In fact I love them so much I picked up3 of the 4 color options. I have gotten more than $7 of wear out of all of the colors I own. I usually don't buy repeat styles in shoes, but these basic pumps have gotten me through weddings, funerals, conferences, and nights on the town. Years later, I'm still proud of this purchase, but am a little disappointed I didn't buy all 4 colors. At the time I wasn't sure what I would wear the royal purple pumps with, now I know the answer would be anything I want to!

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